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Is Negan Really NEGAN?

Posted in Tv Show Theories with tags , , , on April 4, 2017 by everythingbyalways


We have made it through yet another season of TWD.

Which has tickled my curiosity on a few points.

First: Earlier in the season, in Sing Me A Song, we see Carl and Negan talking. Carl sizing him up, and coming to his own theory that Negan “can’t kill them.”

That had me wondering two things,

Why? and..

Is Negan really the one in charge, or is he another traumatized/brainwashed “victim” taking orders from a different Head-Honcho?

Next point is, Negan’s people all claim to be, “Negan.” And it’s obviously for a purpose.

Third; On Sunday night, at the end of the finale, we see Negan back at The Sanctuary, when Dwight comes over and says that they (Negan’s people) will take whatever orders he gives them.

Why would Negan need to be told his people will take his orders? When, all those people he has at The Sanctuary know they have no choice BUT to do everything and anything he directly says?

Which leads me to my own theory, (because something is definitely going on with the Negan plot..)

I think, that Negan is pulling a Queen Amidala move…

Negan is the Negan decoy.

Negan is supposed to be a living embodiment of evil.

If he truly is that sick, and sadistic..

He would do whatever the heck he wants, whenever the heck he wants.

Without a care in the world, what any person thinks.

We’ve seen that he has with Seaside. He wiped out all the men, just because. So, we know, “What he wants” isn’t just everyone’s stuff and things. It’s not a supply and demand problem at all. Seaside is proof that there is no motivation or purpose behind the things he does. In other words, Negan is a true Sociopath.

And one thing we know about sociopaths, is they don’t care. Which sometimes opens a bit of cowardice in themselves. The truly not caring if people die in their own place.

So, why keep having to prove he is who he says he is?

If it was me, and if I was that type of villain; a group that consists of less than 12 well fought people just kicked my butt at a war that hasn’t even started yet, (wiping out an entire outpost)….Would I show my face to them, without killing every last one of them (saving leader for last)??

Answer is real simple…

Heck no.

I would have a need to be 20 steps ahead of the game.

I’d dress up one of my guys, preferably one that I have traumatized the most or caused the most trouble? As me. Have him do the dirty work, because I can. And in doing so, making them believe he is the real deal, making them hate him, and ultimately plan his demise.

Negan is that type of villain. He doesn’t care about his own people let alone his victims. This leads me into the second point I made above. All his people are “Negan.” It would only be fitting if he made it painfully obvious and yet a thought so far from the minds of others, to claim that, in his Decoy Self. (When he shows his face, literally says, “Hi. I’m Negan.”)

So, down the road, if/when the Negan Decoy dies, it’s okay, because he’s perfectly safe, he has a thousand other guys, all he trained from the very beginning to claim THEY are Negan….

It’s evil. It’s ingenious. It’s crazy.

And you have to admit it would give the show quite a bit of somethin’, somethin’.