Catch-Up Friday, and Possibly Video of the Week



Wait what was it I used to open with??….

It’s been too long! I’ve neglected this dusty corner of my techy-techy device 😛

I’m here now…..

Calm down…

Anywhat, I recently started Game of Thrones….yes, I know, a little late.


I power watched it…

And I finished it in 4 days. lol

I. Kid. You. NOT!! I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the night without causing physical damage when I got to the last episode of the 4th season….It was 3 something in the morning, not to mention I had to get up early the next morning to go to Valley Fair with Middle School Youth Group I am a Leader for….and my internet was going slow….my mobile device I was using kept quitting!….Just. Stopping.

So I had to cancel out of everything and start it up all over again, go through the ex-ing out of all of the same pop-ups all over again….and FINALLY! After half an hour of trying, I decided that….it was okay if I left half the episode for the next day….

More time to enjoy it, right??

I wasted another half an hour with convincing myself it was okay, and trying to go to sleep…

Until I couldn’t stand it anymore and I HAD. TO. FINISH IT!!

Short conclusion..

It worked, I had bloodshot eyes I was stuck in the position of keeping pried open by my fingers, and let me tell you….I had the very satisfying feeling of epic waves of avenged-ful..ness for Tyrion….Ha. Ha-Ha, HA! YEEAASSS!

Anywhat, What did you all think about the finale?? Leave comments!


(I seriously can’t believe I haven’t thought of that one yet…hashtag-….concerning)


2 Responses to “Catch-Up Friday, and Possibly Video of the Week”

  1. Wow, you watched all 4 seasons in 4 days? That’s crazy and awesome! (Just like Arya!)

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