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It’s a Monday (..was)

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Yes, hello.

Yesterday was Monday, I know.

But! I have a story from yesterday. (Finally)

I met Olan Rogers, you know…goofy hunky guy, YouTube…you know.

He was so nice, and the guys that were there to help and set-up, were awesome.

Now for what you all really care about..

The pictures.



Stay Fresh.


Tuesday Review

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Yes, I love you.


But it…

Rhymed…you see…

Forget you, that was clever!

Ohhhh yes!

I personally..

Can’t wait.

It’s…gonna be awesome.

Stay Hungry.


Vi-deo of the Weej…Weel…WEEK!!

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I have a new favorite thing…


If you don’t know what it is…

You should.

If you have an iPod, I recommend it to anyone.

It’s loads of fun, laughs, and chortles.

It’s pretty much a nerdy way to take stupid pictures write a short comment, and send it to a friend.

The awesome part about it is…

You can never ever get blackmailed with that picture because…

It self-destructs….

The chief has landed.

It goes poof after a few seconds after they viewed it.




Vi-deo of the week…

here’s a guy hula hooping a 100 lb tire..

Stay kung-fuey.

Thursday Madness

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I swear I did not abandon you.

So to those loyal followers who actually noticed I was gone….


A week ago today..

Last Thursday for those of you who don’t know..

There was an event that took place involving to motorized vehicles…NO worries! Everything is good. But the car is…well..

It’s dead.

…it’s like Optimus Prime used it to wipe his face….all over it.


It was exciting.

So you know…I’m alive, I’m back…

That’s all for the update.

As you were.


Stay Crunchy.

The King in Art

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I’ll just get to it…

I don’t have anything new this week,

So, here’s an old project.


You can never go wrong with some Elvis.



Tuesday Movie Review

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I don’t…really have anything to say.

Stay Frosty.

Week the Video of…

Posted in Video of the Week on July 5, 2013 by everythingbyalways

Yeah, you read me.

This week, the video speaks for itself…

Yeah, you teach that dandelion a lesson!

Ha, haa, HAA!


Stay Determined.