Is Negan Really NEGAN?

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We have made it through yet another season of TWD.

Which has tickled my curiosity on a few points.

First: Earlier in the season, in Sing Me A Song, we see Carl and Negan talking. Carl sizing him up, and coming to his own theory that Negan “can’t kill them.”

That had me wondering two things,

Why? and..

Is Negan really the one in charge, or is he another traumatized/brainwashed “victim” taking orders from a different Head-Honcho?

Next point is, Negan’s people all claim to be, “Negan.” And it’s obviously for a purpose.

Third; On Sunday night, at the end of the finale, we see Negan back at The Sanctuary, when Dwight comes over and says that they (Negan’s people) will take whatever orders he gives them.

Why would Negan need to be told his people will take his orders? When, all those people he has at The Sanctuary know they have no choice BUT to do everything and anything he directly says?

Which leads me to my own theory, (because something is definitely going on with the Negan plot..)

I think, that Negan is pulling a Queen Amidala move…

Negan is the Negan decoy.

Negan is supposed to be a living embodiment of evil.

If he truly is that sick, and sadistic..

He would do whatever the heck he wants, whenever the heck he wants.

Without a care in the world, what any person thinks.

We’ve seen that he has with Seaside. He wiped out all the men, just because. So, we know, “What he wants” isn’t just everyone’s stuff and things. It’s not a supply and demand problem at all. Seaside is proof that there is no motivation or purpose behind the things he does. In other words, Negan is a true Sociopath.

And one thing we know about sociopaths, is they don’t care. Which sometimes opens a bit of cowardice in themselves. The truly not caring if people die in their own place.

So, why keep having to prove he is who he says he is?

If it was me, and if I was that type of villain; a group that consists of less than 12 well fought people just kicked my butt at a war that hasn’t even started yet, (wiping out an entire outpost)….Would I show my face to them, without killing every last one of them (saving leader for last)??

Answer is real simple…

Heck no.

I would have a need to be 20 steps ahead of the game.

I’d dress up one of my guys, preferably one that I have traumatized the most or caused the most trouble? As me. Have him do the dirty work, because I can. And in doing so, making them believe he is the real deal, making them hate him, and ultimately plan his demise.

Negan is that type of villain. He doesn’t care about his own people let alone his victims. This leads me into the second point I made above. All his people are “Negan.” It would only be fitting if he made it painfully obvious and yet a thought so far from the minds of others, to claim that, in his Decoy Self. (When he shows his face, literally says, “Hi. I’m Negan.”)

So, down the road, if/when the Negan Decoy dies, it’s okay, because he’s perfectly safe, he has a thousand other guys, all he trained from the very beginning to claim THEY are Negan….

It’s evil. It’s ingenious. It’s crazy.

And you have to admit it would give the show quite a bit of somethin’, somethin’.


Presently, Afterward

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It’s been awhile!

I am sorry about that my turkeys!

You may have noticed I have changed up what I write about on my blog.

I’ve had epiphanies of sorts. And have gone through some personal trials this past year. (Of which I plan on sharing life-lessons learned). And I realized that while I made it through them, I’m not the only one, and decided to start posting encouragements for those whose own trials are….well, trying. You aren’t alone.

When I started my daily devotional today, I got giddy. A feeling I remembered I had lost during my recently ended relationship. Because while during the year I had drawn closer to God, due to the hardships of the relationship, it started to seem as though afterward everything with the guy, cancelled My Time with God out. It was a vicious cycle of cancelling each other out.

Today I realized that. And the end verse was specifically for that realization,

“Come near to God and He will come near to you..” -James 4:8

I am so divinely favored and not only loved..But I also feel divinely cherished.


1 Piece of Dating Advice Made Easy: For Nerds

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Don’t chase after a quaffle, when you see The Snitch.

Tuesday Wisdom

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Feeling appreciated in relationships, love relationships specifically..

Is very important. Feeling adequate, and enough, yet more than you are, and confident as well, is highly needed for healthy human growth. (like if we don’t we’re robots right? lol)

Yeah, it’s important to be adulty, serious, and realistic about things..but take a break from those worries and frustrations, and take a trip to that spark that makes you giddy and snicker weird noises. Covering your mouth like 3 year old wiggling your feet like you’re running a stationary marathon…..just because, them. lol.

Maybe it’s just me,

But anyways, Tuesday Wisdom is…

Men: Choose the girl that makes you feel like Justin Timberlake..

Women: Choose the guy that brings the 90s version of Britney Spears out of you.  And you aren’t ashamed…


404 Error File Not Found

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One of the hardest decisions you will make in your life is..

choosing whether to walk away..

or try harder.

To let go and let God.

And sometimes that means when we finally trust it over to Him..we have to learn not to take it back.

We couldn’t do it on our own the first time, how is the 4th time going to be any different?

When we hand it over to God, we aren’t giving up, we are treating the situation/problem with the respect that it deserves/or that we have for it.

If anything, it makes us stronger.

And treat it as a, “404.”

Because that problem doesn’t exist anymore,

It’s under holy maintenance.

Love Notes to Yourself

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One thing I do, and I hope I will never stop doing..

Leaving love notes.

To people you care about..

And most importantly, yourself.

Don’t wait by your phone or computer for someone to write you some love…
Be that person yourself.

Love on yourself.

Sugar, Honey, and Summertime

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I’ve been thinking about small balconies lately. You know the type..

Small mini cozy balconies, 

For a small loft apartment above a little downtown shop.

Something about small balconies, at night time, with a small round intimate sized metal table, drinking sweet tea every morning

The mere thought of one, is so comforting and relieving.
I don’t want much out of life, because I have what I need. I have dreams for myself to work for and towards. 

Said apartment, a motorcycle to drive me to my dream job at the local aquarium. Free time filled with life and moments. Moments you find in shady and blurry photos with beaming smiles and movement, that you swear you can smell and feel all over again just looking at them. 

Filled with feeling, experiencing, and sharing God’s love, with strangers I pass on morning and evening walks every Tuesday. 

The nightlife air filled with live, raw soul music. 

And someone that never stops choosing me. Who loves and pursues me, but also who loves God more than me, himself, or air. Being each other’s home. 

Doesn’t need this or that in life, but just needs me and God, for a happy life. 

Would be perfectly happy without kids, just having a wife and a life filled with traveling, moments, filled with unexplainable raw intimate love. 

With the same childlike freeness, and goofiness that we bring out of each other. 
And at the end of the day, 

We make each other Better.