Random Thursday

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(I forgot my greeting word again…)

What a surprise right?

Anyways, so….random Thursday

Thursday of Random…

Freaking Thursdays…

The jerk of all the days in the week.

The day past the middle day of the week….BUT!

Also the day before the last week day, before the weekend starts.

The day that gets your hopes up..

Just to have to go through a whole day more until Saturday.




I’m better now.

Stay Icey.

Today Is Tuesday..

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Today is Tuesday…..


You guys know what I meant!!!

The Monday Year

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Are gross.

Loaf people…

I mean, not “loaf people” I didn’t mean like….


It has just about been a whole year since I’ve posted something last.

This makes me sad.

You know what, I don’t even care…

I’ll do what I want! -.-

Get outta’ my JumbleJenga!

….You read me.

Anywhat, I’m back now

Although, I’m pretty sure that’s what I said last time….

The past year in Reader’s Digest version!!!!

IgotsohookedonGameofThronesthatIacquiredthewholeseriesandmy internetstillsuckssoIhavetoliterallywaitaweekbeforeIgettowatchit! Sofrustrating!!!!!!Then!!ImovedtotheU.P.Then!Imovedback! UghWisconsin!Myfishtriedtocomitsuicide,hejumpedrightoutofthe tank,Ihadminiheartattack.Thenwhathappenednext?UmI’vewalkedinto afewwallsandtrippedwhileIwasjuststandingthere.Myyearhasbeen uneventfullyexciting.OH!andIalsoinventedasandwich.That’sall.

So that was my year. lol.

How’s that for a story? ;)

(Oh woo…)

Stay upright.

If I Had Super Powers…

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So, I’ve been thinking..

(Oh boy here we go…)

If I could be a superhero….

I would be dressed up in Batman’s uniform….

Because if I was going to be a superhero I would have already had Batman’s training (Obviously)

And I would have Hulk’s Super-Smash and maybe his fist….and turn green…

I would also be able to climb walls like Spiderman.

I’d say that I would swing around on my web like he does, but I would be afraid that I would lose my grip on the web and fall and get hit by a bus…and that would really suck.

I mean I know my Spidey instincts would take over and I would wind up landing and gripping onto a wall of a building or something….But I wouldn’t want to risk it.

AND! When my being feels a threat or is threatened, I would turn completely iron….

Yeah, like I still look the same, outfit and all….Just iron/metal/indestructible adamantium.

And even in iron form I would turn green when I Hulk Smash….:P

I would also have Wolverine’s regeneration or whatever you call it, as well as his adamantium claws that I can activate in normal form and or even with Hulk Fist.

And even though I’m a Lady, I would call myself Dr. Floyd….the Golden Annihilator

Or DFTGA for short.

So my superhero friends can call me Diffy.

Stay Super.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Cheesecake Lemons.

Bet you weren’t expecting that were you? :P

So it’s another day wrapped up in a whole bunch of other days, making and forming one big sandwich of days….

A Roasty Toast Sandwich…Day.




For your cavalaries. 

Stay Tickled. 

Monday Story, Monday Monday

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Mondays are as lame and tedious as Bumper and Donald’s non-existent love life…


Stay Acca-Mazing.

Sur-Prise Thursday No Longer

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I have hereby vanquished Surprise Thursdays. 

It shall now be…

Random Thursday.

My first act of “Random Thursday”…

Is the vanquishing of all surprises….

…Which I guess is a random surprise….


..The Chief has landed!


Stay Mischievious.

(That’s right….”mischievious”….I know what I spelled.)  


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