Friday, Narrative Thinking

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Cool wHHip!

Have you ever had those weeks, where everything you think or type…

or read…

Is in your “narrating voice”??

Like….for reals..

as I’m typing…

It sounds


Ohhhh..Babbbbyyyy. 😉


This is your Captain speaking.

We’ll be stopping in Toronto for a short but very satisfying semi-annual, Smolder Appreciation Night.

Please remove all seat belts after the cabin has, stopped, shaking.

Thank you, and remember to tip the lad that tipped you.

Have a grrrrreat day, with SpeedFast Airway.

Stay Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot.



Color Thursday

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Loaf my Loafers!

Been awhile.

Sparkles have fallen…

Diamonds cover the land in white..

The Force has awakened.

And I continue to paint in color.


(Get it?!)

Stay Sweet.

Wednesday Art Post

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Loaf, to you..

And cherries to the rest of you.

So, Art…

I have a few new installments in progress



Stay Drawn.


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I find it amusing that it tends to be Surprise Thursday that I decide to come back after a disappearance.


My mail man…

Mr. Tall & Handsome..

Is very…tall. And Handsome 😉

I’m usually in time for the mail to come in the afternoon..

How am I ready???


That’s right…


Long story short all he did was crinkle the corner of my Post-It in my mailbox.

….I should explain

I was feeling bold, so I left him a Post-It note in my mail box with a lot of personality..

And all he did was, crinkle the corner and put it back…

I took it as Spock-speak for, “Message….received…winky face.”

So, yeah…

That fine M&M wrapped in blue will soon be eaten up and savored by the fine specimen which is Me.

Stay Delivered.

(M&M = mailman….and blue because….you know…..mailmen, dress in….blue)

Wednesday/Thursday Montage!

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Skipping days again, ugh lol.



I come bearing gifts in the form of art..

Happy Thursday

Stay Classy.

Crafty Monday

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Loaf, Loaf Lovers!

So, crafts I have in action, or thinking of..

I have an idea for a set of lawn chairs.

You know that white plumbing pipe?

Yeah the plastic stuff…

I think that would be pretty awesome to make. Sturdy, light, easy to move around, and also easy to pack away…(you can easily take it a part for moving/packing/storage etc)

Also I’m thinking of some sort of furniture to make out of hockey sticks.

I’ve seen headboards for beds, tables, chairs….I think that would be kind of interesting..

Friends come over, see you have a new nice table…

“Hey, nice table!”

“Thanks….I made it out of hockey sticks..”


That would be the most amazing thing ever.

But my absolute favorite thing…

That I AM absolutely, 100% going to do…

Is this..


I might not do the ropes….just depends on what sort of ceiling or walls I have.

Boat Bed…

My dream bed. LOL.

For you know…


Stay Dreamy.

Crazy Spontaneous Thursday

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Loaves of loaves…loaves.

So, in case the titles of my entries this week haven’t told you….

It’s been a crazy week.

This crazy…



My week.


Stay Down.