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Love Notes to Yourself

Posted in Encouragement, Random with tags , , , , , on August 29, 2016 by everythingbyalways

One thing I do, and I hope I will never stop doing..

Leaving love notes.

To people you care about..

And most importantly, yourself.

Don’t wait by your phone or computer for someone to write you some love…
Be that person yourself.

Love on yourself.


Sugar, Honey, and Summertime

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I’ve been thinking about small balconies lately. You know the type..

Small mini cozy balconies, 

For a small loft apartment above a little downtown shop.

Something about small balconies, at night time, with a small round intimate sized metal table, drinking sweet tea every morning

The mere thought of one, is so comforting and relieving.
I don’t want much out of life, because I have what I need. I have dreams for myself to work for and towards. 

Said apartment, a motorcycle to drive me to my dream job at the local aquarium. Free time filled with life and moments. Moments you find in shady and blurry photos with beaming smiles and movement, that you swear you can smell and feel all over again just looking at them. 

Filled with feeling, experiencing, and sharing God’s love, with strangers I pass on morning and evening walks every Tuesday. 

The nightlife air filled with live, raw soul music. 

And someone that never stops choosing me. Who loves and pursues me, but also who loves God more than me, himself, or air. Being each other’s home. 

Doesn’t need this or that in life, but just needs me and God, for a happy life. 

Would be perfectly happy without kids, just having a wife and a life filled with traveling, moments, filled with unexplainable raw intimate love. 

With the same childlike freeness, and goofiness that we bring out of each other. 
And at the end of the day, 

We make each other Better.

Friday, Narrative Thinking

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Cool wHHip!

Have you ever had those weeks, where everything you think or type…

or read…

Is in your “narrating voice”??

Like….for reals..

as I’m typing…

It sounds


Ohhhh..Babbbbyyyy. 😉


This is your Captain speaking.

We’ll be stopping in Toronto for a short but very satisfying semi-annual, Smolder Appreciation Night.

Please remove all seat belts after the cabin has, stopped, shaking.

Thank you, and remember to tip the lad that tipped you.

Have a grrrrreat day, with SpeedFast Airway.

Stay Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot.


Random “Anything Can Happen Thursday”!!

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….I may have stolen it from The Big Bang Theory…

But who cares!


I am so excited about the new bc Barnett Raptor!!

Like beyond excited.

I most likely will never be able to afford one of my own, but a chick can dream.

I have a PSE Chaos…and I love it. It’s my Babeh 😉

I take it out every once in awhile just to  you know…smell, lick, and gaze at it.

I haven’t shot in about a year because of shoulder problems and where I live…I mean I suppose I could try….I can hear them octogenarians now…

“Wha ya gone doin with that pointy there stick! And that black strap contraption of death!”

…Yeah, Good times..

Ha, Ha, HAA! Monday activity!!!

Stay There.

Random Thursday

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(I forgot my greeting word again…)

What a surprise right?

Anyways, so….random Thursday

Thursday of Random…

Freaking Thursdays…

The jerk of all the days in the week.

The day past the middle day of the week….BUT!

Also the day before the last week day, before the weekend starts.

The day that gets your hopes up..

Just to have to go through a whole day more until Saturday.




I’m better now.

Stay Icey.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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Cheesecake Lemons.

Bet you weren’t expecting that were you? 😛

So it’s another day wrapped up in a whole bunch of other days, making and forming one big sandwich of days….

A Roasty Toast Sandwich…Day.




For your cavalaries. 

Stay Tickled. 

Sur-Prise Thursday No Longer

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I have hereby vanquished Surprise Thursdays. 

It shall now be…

Random Thursday.

My first act of “Random Thursday”…

Is the vanquishing of all surprises….

…Which I guess is a random surprise….


..The Chief has landed!


Stay Mischievious.

(That’s right….”mischievious”….I know what I spelled.)