I find it amusing that it tends to be Surprise Thursday that I decide to come back after a disappearance.


My mail man…

Mr. Tall & Handsome..

Is very…tall. And Handsome 😉

I’m usually in time for the mail to come in the afternoon..

How am I ready???


That’s right…


Long story short all he did was crinkle the corner of my Post-It in my mailbox.

….I should explain

I was feeling bold, so I left him a Post-It note in my mail box with a lot of personality..

And all he did was, crinkle the corner and put it back…

I took it as Spock-speak for, “Message….received…winky face.”

So, yeah…

That fine M&M wrapped in blue will soon be eaten up and savored by the fine specimen which is Me.

Stay Delivered.

(M&M = mailman….and blue because….you know…..mailmen, dress in….blue)


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