Crafty Monday

Loaf, Loaf Lovers!

So, crafts I have in action, or thinking of..

I have an idea for a set of lawn chairs.

You know that white plumbing pipe?

Yeah the plastic stuff…

I think that would be pretty awesome to make. Sturdy, light, easy to move around, and also easy to pack away…(you can easily take it a part for moving/packing/storage etc)

Also I’m thinking of some sort of furniture to make out of hockey sticks.

I’ve seen headboards for beds, tables, chairs….I think that would be kind of interesting..

Friends come over, see you have a new nice table…

“Hey, nice table!”

“Thanks….I made it out of hockey sticks..”


That would be the most amazing thing ever.

But my absolute favorite thing…

That I AM absolutely, 100% going to do…

Is this..


I might not do the ropes….just depends on what sort of ceiling or walls I have.

Boat Bed…

My dream bed. LOL.

For you know…


Stay Dreamy.


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