Monday CraftStory TIME!

Loaf and cherries, so..

I had a story, I’m pretty sure it’s forgotten and past, you know…

One of those that you never remember again….

One you just had to be there for..

Whatever it was, it was…pretty. darn. splendid.

Moving on to crafty sort of conversation…

That none of you care about

I am currently working on a totally awesome magical and majestic purse..

That’s right, purse.

To you male species out there, just calm your chortling face, okay…

You don’t even know.

It’s going to be the coolest thing since Elsa.


(pause for effect..)

I’m making it out of old cowboy boots.

That’s right!


It’s beautiful.

But since y’all laughed before you read the ingredient…

You don’t get pictures until it’s finished.


Other than that, my crafting is so chalk-full…..chock full?…Chop full…o.O

Of ideas that my crafting brain is just swimming…


Stay Afloat.


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