Random “Anything Can Happen Thursday”!!

….I may have stolen it from The Big Bang Theory…

But who cares!


I am so excited about the new bc Barnett Raptor!!

Like beyond excited.

I most likely will never be able to afford one of my own, but a chick can dream.

I have a PSE Chaos…and I love it. It’s my Babeh 😉

I take it out every once in awhile just to  you know…smell, lick, and gaze at it.

I haven’t shot in about a year because of shoulder problems and where I live…I mean I suppose I could try….I can hear them octogenarians now…

“Wha ya gone doin with that pointy there stick! And that black strap contraption of death!”

…Yeah, Good times..

Ha, Ha, HAA! Monday activity!!!

Stay There.


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