Monday! The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done..

The title says it all..

Okay, well…

It all starts with a nice honest round of the 20 questions game with a friend.

Towards the end you start getting into the heavy deep questions..

One of them was, yes…”What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?”..

At the time I had absolutely no clue..literally the only thing that came to mind was….lame…

Hugging a stranger after a mission trip convention…:/ LOL..

What a rebel..

But a few days ago it hit me while I was going through some paintings right..

I haven’t told anyone..

Not a fly!….

Not a person!

Not even a seal!!


I probably shouldn’t even mention it this soon actually…

It’s something you spring on people 20 years down the line..

Actually, it’s probably not that bad..


I..I’m trying to think of a code where only you guys can guess, and the audience that knows me in person won’t have a clue…

Okay…I was a part-time…worker bee…

For a kingdom…

Where people live.


The first week I was guarding said kingdom alone….

I created masterpieces (art)…

And I was handling indigo wet staining liquid…

It was paint.


I had the brilliant idea to work on the beautiful…clean….brilliantly white plush walking surface…..*wink wink*..

With that wet indigo staining liquid.

Well, long story short my eyes got distracted and my hand took over while meaning to pour a small spot of this..

Wet indigo, staining liquid..


Result was bright spot of sky on plush, brilliantly white walking foot surface…



The middle.


….’nuf said.

You can still see it..

To this day.

You just have to look hard enough..

And there it is…

Small patch of sky…beaming from a big plush, walking foot cloud where pets may lay and feet may walk…

I Cinderalla-ed it…

Hands and knees and elbow grease..

The best I could.

But it was plush…

Worst thing I’ve ever done.

Stay honest.


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