Random Thursday!

Previously known as, Sur-Prise! Thursday…

This random Thursday hmm…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this to you but…

I can not. Make. Pancakes.

Like seriously…to save my life…

To save Batman’s life…

Not that he would ever need it 

But still!!

I stand by that statement.

I make the worst pancakes in the history of pancakes.

I can flip them..

And get them to perfectly cooked and golden…

But the mixing and making part….nope.

Just nope.

Anyways, there’s this amazing blue leather purse right…

It’s the size of me!!

I love it

I could seriously fit a town in it

I’m going to see if I can actually accumulate this magic purse…

Be like a fairy Mary Poppins…

Why fairy?

I don’t know.

Stay Magic.


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