I forgot to tell y’all that I was going on a missions trip as a Youth Leader, to Louisiana…Down in da’ Bayou.

Bayou DuLarge in Theroit to be exact.

I was there the 6th-the 12th…

I got back yesterday


I saw me some gators…

Went on a 5 hour boat ride…Through all the major points of the Bayou, Cyprus grove, all the way to the Gulf…

Ate the best bbq…

Ate some shrimp jambalaya…

And my new favorite food….


Which is pretty much a thickened, creamy, spicy, soup…

with small cut crispy veggies such as celery, and peppers…etc

Along with shrimp

The good fresh shrimp lol


You put it over rice

It is incredible!

I wish I took a video of my expression when I took that first bite

One of the students and I took the first bite at the same time across the table from each other.

The only way to describe this awesome expression is…

I wanted to just take a nap in it….


Just….absorb it through every point of my body…

My fingers, my knees….

Even my ears!


My ears.


The first day of our service work right…

I was watching for fireants….

Which if you have never experienced…

Are the Devil!


Iv’e always known my whole life, from traveling

To never go near these small patches of dirt…

So, being down South it’s just a given, you start watching out for them right away..

So what was the first interesting thing to happen to me?

I step on a whole nest…

I didn’t even realize it…

Until 10 freaking minutes later…

Which by then they have already made you

Their new Northern home.

By the time I actually looked down right…

Cuz, I felt a slight pinch..

Both feet are covered in these blasted things!

I only accumulated 3 bites total.

I was a ninja…

Swoosh, swoosh, smack! and they were all gone..

Including the ones that made it into my socks….


All of them.

I felt so powerful.

So the next day!

What was the first thing I did on the job….

ANOTHER, Freaking! NEST!

This time it wasn’t as many…

or a big deal..

but…I thought it was pretty hilarious…

What else happened?

Um, besides the fireants and sandflies….

The bayou bugs literally leave you alone. They see you and they just keep going on their way…they have places to be lol

The people there, were my favorite part though.

Their love is so….supernatural.

The kind of love you feel just so overwhelmed with, the kind that all of a sudden, gives you bounds of rest.

It’s truly incredible.

But a part from that..

To be honest, brutally honest…

I didn’t want to ever leave.

For the first time, I felt confident in the work I was accomplishing.

I felt like I finally had a purpose.

God gave me such a heart for that area…

That the only discouragement I had…

Was feeling like I came home too early, that I didn’t do enough for those families.

Stay, Go


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