The Monday Year


Are gross.

Loaf people…

I mean, not “loaf people” I didn’t mean like….


It has just about been a whole year since I’ve posted something last.

This makes me sad.

You know what, I don’t even care…

I’ll do what I want! -.-

Get outta’ my JumbleJenga!

….You read me.

Anywhat, I’m back now

Although, I’m pretty sure that’s what I said last time….

The past year in Reader’s Digest version!!!!

IgotsohookedonGameofThronesthatIacquiredthewholeseriesandmy internetstillsuckssoIhavetoliterallywaitaweekbeforeIgettowatchit! Sofrustrating!!!!!!Then!!ImovedtotheU.P.Then!Imovedback! UghWisconsin!Myfishtriedtocomitsuicide,hejumpedrightoutofthe tank,Ihadminiheartattack.Thenwhathappenednext?UmI’vewalkedinto afewwallsandtrippedwhileIwasjuststandingthere.Myyearhasbeen uneventfullyexciting.OH!andIalsoinventedasandwich.That’sall.

So that was my year. lol.

How’s that for a story? 😉

(Oh woo…)

Stay upright.


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