If I Had Super Powers…

So, I’ve been thinking..

(Oh boy here we go…)

If I could be a superhero….

I would be dressed up in Batman’s uniform….

Because if I was going to be a superhero I would have already had Batman’s training (Obviously)

And I would have Hulk’s Super-Smash and maybe his fist….and turn green…

I would also be able to climb walls like Spiderman.

I’d say that I would swing around on my web like he does, but I would be afraid that I would lose my grip on the web and fall and get hit by a bus…and that would really suck.

I mean I know my Spidey instincts would take over and I would wind up landing and gripping onto a wall of a building or something….But I wouldn’t want to risk it.

AND! When my being feels a threat or is threatened, I would turn completely iron….

Yeah, like I still look the same, outfit and all….Just iron/metal/indestructible adamantium.

And even in iron form I would turn green when I Hulk Smash….:P

I would also have Wolverine’s regeneration or whatever you call it, as well as his adamantium claws that I can activate in normal form and or even with Hulk Fist.

And even though I’m a Lady, I would call myself Dr. Floyd….the Golden Annihilator

Or DFTGA for short.

So my superhero friends can call me Diffy.

Stay Super.


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