Review Mix Tuesday

It was “Loaf.”

I remembered.

(Actually I totally stalked myself and found my old greeting word..)

Today is Movie/Book Review….But as always…

I’m going to be trying something different from now on…


Up Shut.

I’m going to try a mix…like, a short movie review, and a short book review.

Maybe add some music review in the pot…

Stir it around..

..Serve it up cold..

Chew it..

Spit out some awesomeness.


Two books I, personally, have been waiting for…

The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore, coming out August 26th!


Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout, just released on the 5th.

(About freaking pudding, time..)

The Revenge of Seven….boy oh boy…

It’s sounding amazingier and amazingiouer…

“The invasion is coming. 

‘Fear is a weapon. Close your eyes and let it flow through you…It is a hungry thing, this Legacy that lives within you, it will feed on what you fear.’ -Setrákus Ra. The Revenge of Seven “

Sounds like the story is getting pretty intense. Can’t wait to actually grace my tickled Cavalaries with this magnificence!! 

Now onto Opposition..

Then it was a rumble, causing the house to groan and small clouds of dust to drop from the ceiling. The table scuttled over the floor. A chair toppled over and then another. 

Somewhere in the living room, a window shattered. 

Kat was going to bring the house down.” 

I haven’t finished it yet. But Holy Sweet Batman. It’s nothing short. Of. Mag-Nif-Ic-Ent!

It’s already had twists, turns, surprises, betrayal, love, and tears. 

Not my standards for a good book…but for a “finale,” it’s doing well so far. 

Next review…

What the mustard pudding is up with Lexi from Falling Skies???!!! 

I mean really…??

And I love Hal, but….I love Ben and Maggie together…I totally approve of them getting together in the future. 

What do you guys think of any of this hoo-plah? 

Stay Updated. 


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