Monday Story!

Cherry Pie..

(That’s not it either is it??)

Today I don’t have a funny story that has happened recently. BUT!!

I bring you the infamous..

The Bunny Story 

Written by me lol. It’s the best story I have ever made up. 

Well…..forced to make up. My best friend made me tell a story. Make it up as I went. Ugh. 



Here it is…FYI….You best put seatbelts on your ears….eyes? because I’m about to knock your socks off.

The Bunny Story

“Once upon a time…

There was….a….bunny

And he was, umm..


Yes, he was a fluffy bunny…

Well he was kind of chubby too.

He was a chubby bunny!! Haha!

It’s funny see, because of that…

..Marshmallow game….Anyways!!!

Umm, the fluffy, chubby bunny, (Snort) haha…

Made friends with this…

Watch! Yes, he made friends with a watch and he…

Invited him over for tea.


A chocolate cube…comes and drinks it…

Right out of their cups..

Because it was an evil chocolate cube you see.

The bunny is a warm chocolatey brown color, with big long ears…

Yeah, anyways.

They’re like, “That wasn’t very nice.” 

And the chocolate cube just drank their remaining tea…Just. Drank it.

(No. Way.)

I know!! So..

The bunny and the watch, decide they need to save the planet from this tea abuser.


Umm, go get..


Yeah, and so..

In conclusion, bunnies, watches, chocolate….cheese.

Sir, I give you the Swiss.”

-The End-

It was amazing…..wasn’t it? (smug grin) 


It was awful. But I did actually write a really cute story once. It was an English assignment back in highschool. 

Ooookaay, I’ll share it for next week. 

(oh goodie..) 

Yes, so…

Stay Fluffy. 


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