SUR-Prise Thursday, I Bet You Are Surprised


Yes, I’m surprising you..

Aren’t I? 😉

The surprise is my pretty name popping up on your wall

Yes, I’m using Facebook talk…

Close enough.

Just kidding, that’s not really the surprise.

The surprise

Ha, Ha! HA!!

Is much, much more…



You know what I mean!

I had my first Monster.

That’s right. The energy drink.

After how many years, I have just recently embraced The Beast with my lips…

As opposed to using my shoulder?…Idk. Anyways!

The point is…

I had my first one!

And let. Me. Tell. YOU!

I felt alive.


All over!!

Mother-of-Gandalf…..It was beautiful.


Stay Beastly.


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