Monday Story of The Week

So, as I’ve mentioned last week, I’m “aquarium keeping” now…an aquarist lol.

So, I started the adventure of rearranging, which involved moving a tank to a different location of the small fortress of space quarters….(my room)

It started well.

I moved the fish into containers, separated the ones that need be, got the tank cleaned, situated, in-place, and refilled. Turned the filter on, and I turned around to check on the fish to see how they were holding up.

The first two were just dandy…Just. Dandy.

Looked to the third one….

It was unaccounted for….I was like..

Did you evaporate??

Did Scotty beam you up??

So I took a step back and searched the premises and sure enough the stupid ninny had leaped a foot out of the container onto the floor.

..”You stupid fish…..does this *motions air all around* look like water?!…”

I gave her a proper farewell rest in peace memorial service…

…okay I flushed her and gave a salute….

Same thing!

So yeah, sad…

The other fish are happier…sooo, everything’s going swimmingly.

So yeah.

Stay Flushed.

(…:O that’s terrible! That’s a terrible thing to say!!)

I mean….lol.

Stay Alive.


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