Thursday Madness


I swear I did not abandon you.

So to those loyal followers who actually noticed I was gone….


A week ago today..

Last Thursday for those of you who don’t know..

There was an event that took place involving to motorized vehicles…NO worries! Everything is good. But the car is…well..

It’s dead.

…it’s like Optimus Prime used it to wipe his face….all over it.


It was exciting.

So you know…I’m alive, I’m back…

That’s all for the update.

As you were.


Stay Crunchy.


2 Responses to “Thursday Madness”

  1. Dragon.Kitty.Ninja Says:

    Love the fact you said stay crunchy at the end. I think I’m going to use that in the future. haha. Anyways glad you’re okay.

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