It’s A Monday Story

The beauty of Sarcasm is…You can say any and everything to make it mean anything. 

It’s like a whole new language, and should be taught in schools.

Instead of Language Arts….

Sarcasmatic Studies.

I mean….you gotta drop the Chief!

It’s just…..Mmm….I just….Mmm.

I can’t even speak I love it so much.

I’ve been told and confronted as well as whined at…

That my sarcasm is sharp and vicious. lol

Ha, haa, HAA!

The Chief has landed.

But anyways, I read a status once and the person was being sarcastic, so what did I do?

I commented with the necessity of…Sarcasm.

It’s almost required when someone uses the Chief, to retaliate.

You can’t leave ’em hangin’ you know….throw them a bone so-to-speak.

But yeah…

Sarcasm on sarcasm…

Leads to the deletion of your comments apparently.

Sarcasmatic Studies Class…Was failed.


Stay Sarcastic.


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  1. Mary Donihi York Says:


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