My Art Is Craving and Crabby…lol

If someone had a hand for a foot…

It would be a “hoot”….

Ha, haa, HAA!

Get it?!

It would be a HOOT! hahaha


…Today’s artful tickle of the sensified cavalaries is..


Mondo-bummer indeed.

Hm, hmm, HMM!

Yes, I stole this idea from Sharpie…and

Yes, I have a pet crab..

His name is Tardis Banner…Crabertons.

It’s a fun idea if you have aquarium life…

You can viciously make up horrifying stories about their doom…

While they stroll ignorantly by…

HA!, haa, ha, ha, HAAAAA!!

I mean…

Who does such a thing?



Stay Crabby.



4 Responses to “My Art Is Craving and Crabby…lol”

  1. Mary Donihi York Says:

    Funny you are.

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