It’s A Mon-Day..


Story time.

(Ouu, this’ll be good…I can tell…:D )’s not so much as a “story” per-say, rather an…..appreciation *smirk and nod*

(You’re a pathetic walking hormone…)


Of Chuck Lorre Productions‘ writing.

You know, that brief second at the end of the credits of The Big Bang Theory….Yes, him. lol.

He’s whimsically sophisticated in his humorically written Short and Sweets.

(….That was arguably, your best sentence ever that includes a made up word…)

Thank you, but yes.


He makes me laugh.

For example..One of my favorites is #111..


Mostly because I can heartily relate.

So from now on, I will take on his plan of action when I have nothing new to say or write about.

“This is Houston requesting a Run of One-Eleven..Roger…*Kkcchhh*”

Hm, hmm, HMM!

(No one entertains you like yourself…)

You’re living proof.

😀 So

Stay Frosty.

(Ahh, I missed that…)

Yes, I know.


One Response to “It’s A Mon-Day..”

  1. Mary Donihi York Says:

    you are one weird kid and I am glad that I raised you. ❤

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