Don’t Let Grannies Drive…VI-Deo of the Week





Yes, you.

..Hi. *smile and curt nod*

I went yard-saling.


Awesome, day.

It rained and hailed…

It was just…


It was something.

But no, I uh….

I found a lot of good treasures of the trove…

A lot of things for art creations and not-what.

The terrific….splendidly, just…

Fun, part of it all was…

The driving.


My granny was in the passenger seat, and our friend was driving.

Here they are just, buddying it up, laughing, chatting, the works..

And you know, the next Turn would come up.

Granny would be all, “Turn…Here! Now.”

They carried this on for….pssh….


Finally, it just got to the point where the Dear Friend just started….

Chicago Driving.

Ha, Haa, HAA!



I mean….just…

Epic…Epic Ueys….

All, the while, all that came to mind was…

This video…

Yes yes…

We all know….That, lady…

Stay Buckled.


2 Responses to “Don’t Let Grannies Drive…VI-Deo of the Week”

  1. Dragon.Kitty.Ninja Says:

    Just want to say, absolutely love your blog! You have such a fun writing style, and your stories add a smile to my face every time I read them. Thank you for blogging. 🙂

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