I have a nice…”Bond” with art…


Art day!


Art Post Day!


So, call me a loser but

I just watched Skyfall this past week.

(HA, ha, ha, HAA!)

I know…

(Ha, haa, HAA!)

Ok, I get it!


I’m a little behind but we can all agree

It was a pretty good movie.

Unexpected beginning, turn of events, twist, physical injury damage…nice. Overall, good movie.

(Those are your standards??….)

So, today’s artified, artfully, arted, art is…

(….You sicken me)

Yes I know, Bond…

James Bond


Stay Charming.


One Response to “I have a nice…”Bond” with art…”

  1. Mary Donihi York Says:

    This is the best of the best pics

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