Friday Vi-Deo of the Week

Congrats! You made it to, yet another, post of mine. 

You’re weeelcome, 😉

So, it’s Friday..

Not quite the weekend, but almost there.

This week’s vi-deo, is…yes, old. But it makes me extremely…happy. 

(…liar, you just found it…)


It’s an old clip from one of Starkid’s earlier productions. 

It’s from their Lord of the Rings parody. 

I’ll just shut up and let you watch it..

(..about time)

(Caution: @ minute mark 1:14…there is a swear. So…you know…cover your ears, hold on to your teeth, or skip to after that…because, it’s not bleeped out. Apologies.)


Nick Lang (voice of Gollum) is just incredible. 

(well he writes their scripts so…duh psh)


Stay Riddled.

(…haha, i see what you did there…very….clever…)



2 Responses to “Friday Vi-Deo of the Week”

  1. I like this post,Thank you for this post!

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