Yes! Ha, haa, HAA! Art day!…

Is always exciting…


So, today’s masterpiece…

Enlight to the nose…

Floosh of the senses..


Yes, floosh.  Here it is..



(For those of you who don’t recognize him….)


(You do…recognize him…right??)

Is my favorite Super Hero.


I mean. Compared to all the other Super Heroes out there..

Super Man…

Sure, he’s the most famous of all Heroes..

But tell me this…

If and when an apocalypse comes…and the sun somehow changes…

What is he then huh?

Just some puny guy, that has trouble snapping a pencil.

Aqua Man..

You set him under a lamp for an hour and he’s quite literally…a pile of ash.

See, Batman…


You strip him of his costume and take away his Batmobile…and that…(I don’t even know what the heck it is…)…Flying Machine?

He’s a ninja.





He’s a true. Super…Hero. 

But hey, you know.

I’m just sayin’.


Stay Super.



3 Responses to “NaNaNaNaNaNa…”

  1. Mary Donihi York Says:

    I like Superman…. yahahahahaha

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    by 迷你寫字樓

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