First Book Review!

Well, well…


It’s a book review day.


So, one book someone pointed out…

(Skimming information) is Wait For You by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

If you haven’t heard of her or read a book of hers….simple.

Shame on you.

She’s a pretty good author, her stories go at a nice steady pace, and she doesn’t waste any un-needed time with unnecessary back story or weird details…..(In other words….she’s good.) I haven’t made it to this particular book however.

Wait For You is about a nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten.

Traveling thousands of miles to go to college seems to be the only way for her to escape some mysterious event that took place at a Halloween party 5 years previous….(….really?….*raised eye-brow*) And hold on to your shorts because it aparently….yes….”changed her life….for. ever.” (I mean…thousands of miles to escape some memory??)

(Isn’t that what Disney World is for?….but hey….I’m not…I’m not here to tell people how to live their life.)

And it turns out all she has to do is get to class on time (haha), and make sure a mysterious bracelet stays in place on her left wrist….(*raised eye-brow*…some’un has some espainin’ to do!) So, apart from not loosing a bracelet and not getting too partied up so she misses a class….she wants some friends….yet at the same time, doesn’t want to draw attention to herself. (…..)

For the big turn around! (drum roll)

She meets a guy.


Apparently he’s “dangerous (eye-roll…of course), lickable, blue-eyed, swoon-worthy-hottness.” Soooo…(a walking meaty-mouthful.)

Cameron Hamilton.

You know what…this is ridiculous….(you quit then?….:D) (Yes…my view and paraphrasing which may or may not be true, from here on out…)

Girl is irrevocably attracted to dangerous, mysterious, arrogant-smirk-y, and stalkerish guy.

Guy is or is not in-liking with girl.

Girl develops feelings for guy.

Too dangerous.

It happens anyway.

Something dramatic happens.

They have problems.

Boy gets irritated, leaves girl.

He’ll probably have to save her because she does something stupid or selfish which will get one or both of them nearly sawed to bits.

They fall back into weird, unlikely love.

And they shall live…

Happily complicated ever after.

(…..Teen romance novels….)



(Like this…)


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