It’s a Monday! Random STORY!!

Hoo-la, It’s a MONDAY!!

(“ooo-ooou-uuu” mockingly)

So, for those of you who’s Monday has been a mondo-bummer, or perhaps your Monday is over (losers -.-)

I have a story…

Which probably won’t help…

Nor….even make you laugh…..

(They’re waiting….)

Okay, maybe there won’t be a point to it…

You know what?! Whatever! Don’t even judge.

(No one is judging…)

Alright, so, 2 years ago I had moved to the U.P. (Michigan for those of you Geograph-ically challenged)

I was there for a not quite a year and I moved back here to Wisconsin.

Anywhat, I made some awesome friends, a whole group! (as if I’ve never had a group of friends before…hahaha…….*cough*)

That Fall, I had become kinda close with one of the guys (Let’s call him Fluffy-Hair Sugar-Pants), and we wound up, “dating.”

And one night at youth-group, a bunch of us were outside in the parking lot throwing a plastic disc around through the air…..(…it was a frisbee…) And we had some kick-ball going on, as well as some chalk to make masterpieces. A bunch of fun.

So, I had just gotten up from chalking the parking lot. And one of the guys….kicks the kick-ball over in my area where I was. So, I go over to it to kick it back.

Well, what I didn’t know…or notice, in the time I got to the ball and actually kicking…..HA, haa, HAA!

Was….that someone had moved…

Ha! Ha! Haaa!

So, I kick it…..I….I kick it hard….

Full force.

It was like….Optimus Prime burped a torpedo.

It….There was No. Way. The ball would not make it back to the group.

All I remember is…standing there after I launched this round-circle-trap of death…

And watching the next few seconds in slow-motion…

The very last second….I..hahaha, I realized….

Something was wrong….it was going to wind up painfully bad.

There was a person…that had moved…(like I mentioned before)…

RIGHT when I kicked the ball

Fluffy-Hair Sugar-Pants….Got full force of it….

In the face.

(HA! haa! HAA!)

It was hilarious


That was the night we broke up….lol

I still have no idea if THAT was the reason why…haha

Good times..

So uh…..You know..

The Mondays you think are terrible and miserable…

Just think..

There’s a guy out there

With fluffy hair, and….(sugar?…sugar pants? is that what I said?) Sugar-Pants…

That’s getting kicked in the face with a kick-ball…

Yeah…yeeeeaaah….brightens your day too…

Doesn’t it? *eyebrow wiggle*


Stay Blocked.


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