First Ever SURPRISE Thursday!!


Yeah….you are so surprised…aren’t you?

044 (2)

So, Surprise Thursday….the first, Surprise Thursday. Hmm….

The surprise is…’s….

A surprise.

So, in order to qualify for the surprise, you have to pass a test..

The Dork Test.

You have to have/have  done 1 or more of the following..

(Yes, I’m stealing the idea from Olan Rogers)

1. You have or have had a light-saber toothbrush…that lights up.

2. You have “stolen” a construction worker’s shirt. (ha…haa, ha…)

Moving on..

3. You have lassoed a bee….(and succeeded)

4. You met a best friend from…paper towels or sun glasses..

5. You have had dreams about 2-dimensional rings revolving around a line in 3-space, to form a torus.

6. Spongebob taught you what “Platitudinous” means.

7. You are arachibutyrophobic.

If any one of these things refers to you, than you may join in the Surprise.


And the surprise is…



You’re weeeelcome 😉

Stay Fresh



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