First Blog Post Ever..

Hello to the world…or possibly just that single lonely strand of dust, that happened to cross my path. Well, not really cross my path I guess…Anywhat!

Yeah, my “first ever blog post,” is going to be totally awesome…

No clue what to write, or about what I should write…(or is it supposed to be, “what I should write about”?) However it should be worded, yes, exactly that.

First ever blog post…..Mmmm….hmm.

I had…a……frozen coffee this morning…very, stimulating.

(What do people blog about while blogging? Well, this is my art blog, so I should probably blog about art….?)

Art! Ha, ha, haa, yes. Art. Artwork. The tickle of the cavalaries. The enlight to the…nose?

Interesting thing…fact. I hate coloring in coloring books. Why? Ohh ha. ha. ha. I simply don’t like coloring inside the lines. Strange, yes I know. However, I will color inside my own lines. Curioser and curiouser.

Inspiration, ok. Let’s see. My inspiration mostly comes from different things from favorite movies, tv shows, and books/series. As well as the very things that tickle my own cavalaries. (chuckle) Is that even a real phrase? “Tickles the Cavalaries”?

Anywhere, art- drawing, coloring, painting, and sketching, are really nice comfort-zone escapes for me. Especially fun while watching movies.

What are cavalaries?…teeth? A part of the eye?….


Well….either I just made up a new word…or there’s no such thing as, “cavalaries.” Hmm, well from this point on, I apoint “Cavalaries” to….teeth. HA ha HAA, yes, teeth. Or eyebrows….both. Teeth and eyebrows…(depending on how it is used.)

It’s decided!

So yeah, I hope this was the first ever art blog, “First Ever Blog Post” that was totally awesome for you……that makes no sense…and if not, then…well..

Deal with it. 🙂

(Star-Trek hand greeting PLUS Jedi hand wave) Have a nice day.

(see what I did there?….eh?… xP


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